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Items with this symbol are in the Top 10% Bestsellers list.
Books with this symbol include chord symbols. This would be the name of the chord such as "C" or "G7" written above the music.
Books with this symbol include song lyrics.
Items with this symbol have been chosen as a Director's Choice by our staff of instructors.
The number shown next to any book represents the difficulty of the book. The difficulty is rated on a scale of 1 through 6, with 6 being the most difficult.
Books with this symbol have piano accompaniments included.
Books with this symbol have piano accompaniments available.
Books with this symbol have CDs included.
Books with this symbol have CDs available.
Books with this symbol include guitar tablature. This is a special 6 line staff that gives suggested fingerings for all notes.
Books with this symbol include guitar chords. Guitar chords have a small graphic giving suggested finger placement to play the chord.
There are four types of band sets: Concert, Marching/Pep, Jazz, and Small Ensemble.
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Jazz - Mixed Collection (Continued)
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 5 - Best Of Bebop
66 pages, Item number 1630170DP, $16.95
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 6 - Jazz Classics With Easy Changes
58 pages, Item number 1630172DP, $16.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 7 - Essential Jazz Standards
66 pages, Item number 1630191DP, $16.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 10 - Disney
70 pages, Item number 1630383DP, $16.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 18 - Harold Arlen
79 pages, Item number 1630250DP, $15.95
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 23 - Latin Jazz
86 pages, Item number 1630278DP, $16.95
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 24 - Early Jazz Standards
70 pages, Item number 1630267DP, $14.95
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 25 - Christmas Jazz
86 pages, Item number 1630257DP, $16.95
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 27 - Great Jazz Standards
78 pages, Item number 1630287DP, $16.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 28 - Big Band Era
75 pages, Item number 1630285DP, $15.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 30 - Blues' Best
43 pages, Item number 1630306DP, $15.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 31 - Jazz In Three
71 pages, Item number 1630328DP, $15.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 32 - Best Of Swing
59 pages, Item number 1630327DP, $15.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 34 - All Time Standards
67 pages, Item number 1630299DP, $15.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 38 - Yuletide Jazz
67 pages, Item number 1630297DP, $16.95
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 40 - Bossa Nova
79 pages, Item number 1630396DP, $16.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 45 - Jazz At The Movies
51 pages, Item number 1637287DP, $15.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 46 - Broadway Standards
Item number 1630397DP, $15.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 51 - Up-Tempo Jazz
59 pages, Item number 1637289DP, $15.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 59 - Soul Jazz
55 pages, Item number 1707135DP, $16.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 70 - The Doors
55 pages, Item number 1637241DP, $14.95
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 72 - Classic Jazz Ballads
47 pages, Item number 1707866DP, $15.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 74 - Best Jazz Classics
71 pages, Item number 1707946DP, $15.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 76 - Broadway Jazz Ballads
75 pages, Item number 1637173DP, $15.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 77 - Jazz On Broadway
83 pages, Item number 1637172DP, $15.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 78 - Steely Dan
63 pages, Item number 1230525DP, $15.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 83 - Andrew Lloyd Webber
74 pages, Item number 1710107DP, $14.95
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 86 - Benny Goodman
71 pages, Item number 1637312DP, $15.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 88 - Duke Ellington Favorites
67 pages, Item number 1710027DP, $14.95
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 93 - Disney Favorites
83 pages, Item number 1060862DP, $14.99
  Jazz Play Along, Volume 95 - Jazz At The Lounge
Item number 1230528DP, $14.99
  Jazz Play Along, Volume 96 - Latin Jazz Standards
Item number 1230524DP, $15.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 97 - Maybe I'm Amazed, Featuring Howie Casey
63 pages, Item number 1110302DP, $15.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 104 - Elton John: 10 Classic Songs - Sheet Music For All Instruments
83 pages, Item number 1710809DP, $16.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 106 - Slo' Jazz
Item number 1230527DP, $14.99
  Jazz Play Along, Volume 107 - Motown Classics
Item number 1230526DP, $14.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 108 - Jazz Waltz
75 pages, Item number 1711233DP, $15.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 111: Cool Christmas
67 pages, Item number 1711173DP, $15.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 63 - Classical Jazz
83 pages, Item number 1020017DP, $14.95
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 122 - Paul Simon
83 pages, Item number 1711790DP, $16.99
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 66 - A Charlie Brown Christmas
63 pages, Item number 1631194DP, $16.99
    Jazz Play Along, Volume 89 - Irving Berlin Favorites
83 pages, Item number 1710031DP, $14.95
   Jazz Play Along, Volume 35 - Bluesy Jazz
51 pages, Item number 1630298DP, $16.99
   Jazz Tracks - Alto Saxophone
21 pages, Item number 1100389DP, $13.95
  Jazzin' About
30 pages, Item number 1100004DP
Regular Price: $12.95, Our Price: $9.71
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