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Matthias Boyer - Sax 130 Top

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Matthias Boyer - Sax 130 Top

104 pages, Item number 1100665DP
Regular Price: $21.95, Our Price: $6.59
You will save $15.36

This book aims to facilitate a learning process suitable for children. Letters and notes are big enough for children to read, the language is easy to understand in vocabulary and syntax, and numerous color photographs help to explain difficult musical aspects. Furthermore, exercises for improvising enable pupils to be creative with music, there is a good mixture of technical exercises and songs, as well as a diversified layout with funny illustrations. This book enables the pupil to use the precious time for practice efficiently. It is suitable for beginners without musical knowledge. The accompanying CD provides backup tracks which accompany many of the songs in the book. The examples are recorded both with the saxophone part and without.
By Matthias Boyer
Overall Difficulty: Beginning
Instrument: Saxophone (Alto)
Music Style: Children
Publisher: AMA Verlag
Series: AMA Verlag

Product Format: Instruction Book For Saxophone

Publisher: This piece was published by AMA Verlag.

   This product has a difficulty rating of 1 on a scale of 1 through 6, with 6 being hardest.
   A CD is included with this book.
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Matthias Boyer - Sax 130 Top

Complete song list for "Matthias Boyer - Sax 130 Top" - Sheet Music Songbook:

My First HIt - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
A Song Without Rest - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
Above And Below - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
Duet In Three - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
Try To Catch Me! - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
What About A Good Laugh? - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
The Old Lion - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
The Perfect Team - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
Two In Confusion - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
A Bit Hard! - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
The Cunning Fox - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
Free Like A Bird - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
Fanfare - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
Little John (Haenschen Klein) - 2000
In The Silver Moonlight (Au Clair De La Lune) - 2000
March - 2000
Jazz Waltz - 2000
Old MacDonald Had A Farm - 2000
Try It Again - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
Aura Lee - 2000
My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean - 2000
Home On The Range - 2000
Have A Break - Have A Joker! - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
Boogie Woogie For Three - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
All My Clothes - 2000
Morning Has Broken - 2000
Sleep, My Child, Sleep! - 2000
Sailing - 2000
On The Wall - 2000
Amazing Grace - 2000
The Dancing Hare - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
Raindrops - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
Auld Lang Syne - 2000
A Hare In A Deep Valley - 2000
Jazz-Rock-Patterns 1 - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
My First Blues - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
"Crazy Fingers" - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
Changing Rumours - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
Jazz-Rock-Patterns 2 - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
Slow Tune - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000
Kum Ba Ya - 2000
Soft And Easy - Composer: Matthias Boyer - 2000

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